1 D1-1 M/s.Jutex (Laminex) Mfg. of HDP Bags
2 D2-12 a M/s. Ankit Enterprises Notebooks, Register, and book bindings.
3 D2-14 M/s. Astra metal system p.l. Precision sheet metal comp.
4 D2-15 M/s.N.S.Structural /Sagar Ice Plant Fabrication work
5 D2-16 M/s.Noble Hygiene P.Ltd Mfg. of Baby Diapers & adult diapers
6 D2-18 M/s.Crown Techno Art Mfg. Of elect app.
7 D2-19 M/s.Viva engg Work Engineering.
8 D2-2 M/s. Balaji Industries Mfg. of Cablerolls assembly
9 D2-20 M/s.Saini Enterprises Mfg. of Fabricator
10 D2-21 M/s.Samtech Engineers Shipbuilding Industry
11 D2-22 M/s. F.R.P.Insulation Services Mfg. of Fibre Glass
12 D2-23/P-20 A M/s. Jivan Laxmi packaging solutions P. Ltd. Mfg farmact. Packaging & Collapsible Tubes, coils.
13 D2-27 M/s.Siria Ind.Lab. Mfg. of Chemicals
14 D2-27 to 28 M/s.Siria Ind.Laboratories Mfg. of Chemicals
15 D2-3 M/s.Paramount conductors Mfg. of electronics Conductors
16 D2-30 M/s.Zuari Structural Works Mfg. of Metal Work
17 D2-31/P-66 M/s. Riya Packaging Mfg. of Corrugated boxes
18 D2-33 M/s.FamousEngg.Works Mfg. of Allied Products
19 D2-34 M/s.M.R.Equipment Metal Detectors
20 D2-36 M/s.Arc Enterprises Mfg. of Plastic Bottles
21 D2-4 M/s.Wires and Profiles Mfg. of electronics Conductors
22 D2-40 M/s.Conbesco Vulcanizing
23 D2-8 M/s.D.P.Pai & Co. Servicing of electronic  equipment
24 D2-9 M/s.Evans Electric Pvt Ltd  Electrical Machinery Repairs
25 D3-10 M/s.Lusaka Engg.Works Mfg. of Remote Controls
26 D3-11 M/s.Syndicate Marine Enterprises Fabrication
27 D3-12,D1-2 M/s.Kirti Marine Industries Fabrication
28 D3-13 M/s.Kenwood Ind. Allied Polymers
29 D3-14 M/s.Electro Controls Mfg. of electro control
30 D3-15 M/s.National Conveyor Belt. Mfg. of Conveyor belt
31 D3-16 M/s. Major s paces & logistics

M/s.Composite futuristics
Activities of logistics
32 D3-17 M/s.Aspolite Electrical switchboards
33 D3-19 M/s.Norinco Technical Services Marine equipment
34 D3-22 M/s. R.G.Keni and Sons Flour Mill
35 D3-23 M/s.Waterways Shipyard Pvt. Ltd. Mfg .of fabrication of structural materials.
36 D3-25 M/s.Siva  System  Pvt. Ltd. Electrical  & electronic system
37 D3-27 M/s.Shilpa Engineering Fabrication work
38 D3-28 M/s.M/s.Victory enterprises Painting work
39 D3-29 M/s.Saukar Freezers Ice plant
40 D-33, P-8,9 M/s.Prasad Engineering Rubber Logging of  Conveyor
41 D3-30 M/s.Gnandrum Enterprises Manufacture of edible oil and agarbatti
42 D3-32 M/s.Capricon Engg Steel Fabrication
43 D3-34,35 M/s.Tonia Alcohols IMFL  & Country  Liquor
44 D3-7/P-42 M/s.Arcon Electro Plast P.Ltd T.V.Cabinets
45 D3-9 M/s.Conelto Wood Industries Carpentry
46 G-1 M/s,Renuka  Metal Servicing Metal Casting
47 G-4 M/s.Vikas  Electroplate Electroplating
48 G-7 M/s.Bharat Engineering Works Printing
49 II A P-41,42 IIIB 3,4,5,6 M/s.Bharat Conductors Aluminum Conductors
50 P-1to 6 Phase IIIA M/s.Computer Graphics Photographic Colour  Konika Films
51 P-10 &11 M/s.Ritika packaging Thermocola Products
52 P100, 102,                             &109 M/s. Madhu Roller Flour Mills Wheat flour.atta, maiza, rava.
53 P-103 & 104 M/s. Astra Metal Metal comp. Sheet metal
54 P-108 M/s.Fine-o-Plast MFg of PVC Pipes
55 P-110 $ 111 M/s.Popular Constructions P.C.C.Blocks
56 P-112 M/s.Muller Alma Engg. Carbon  cells
57 P-121 to 15, 21 to 24 M/.s.Gemini Distilleries IMFL
58 P-16 & 17 M/s.Chandra Fabricators Steel Fabrication etc
59 P-17 M/s.Equators Masala powder ,pas te ,chips & M.Water
60 P-18 M/s.Dhannia Engg. Works Steel Fabrication
61 P-19 M/s.Doodsagar Ice Plant Ice Manufacturing
62 P-19 to 21,37, to M/s. Varma   agencies Warehousing
63 P-2 M/s.Arish Bakery Bakery Products
64 P-23 M/s.Saini Enterprises  
65 P-23 to 25,33 to 36 M/s.Anandeya Oxides Oxides
66 P-27 M/s.Zuari Engg.Service Fabrication
67 P-27 M/s.Polywood Industries Warehouse
68 P-28 M/s.Deepti Engg. Works Fab. Of Mild Steel
69 P-3 M/s.Pooja Marbles & Granites Marbles & Granites
70 P-31 to 39 M/s.Zenith Computers Computer Assembly
71 P-33-34 M/s. A.L.Hydraulics Mfg.Buckets and Pins
72 P-34 B M/s.High-Class Marbles Marbles
73 P-34A M/s. Parkkot M.Agencies         Pvt. Ltd. M.S.Steel Fabrication
74 P35,P-1, P 2 M/s.Mahalaxmi  Industries Tiles & Marbles
75 P-36 M/s.Mandovi Shipyard Oxygen gas
76 P-41 M/s.Classic Marbles Marbles & Granite
77 P-41 ,42 M/s...Bharat Conductors P. Ltd. MFg.Conductors
78 P-43 M/s.Dayal Accumulators Battery Plates and Lead Acid
79 P-44 M/s.Samnan  Industries Flour Milling Rice
80 P-45 M/s.N.C.Industries Cement Blocks
81 P-46, 47 M/s.Anupam  Insulating Paper & Aluminum Conductors
82 P-48 to 50 M/s.Strofoam Cups & Containers Styrofoam Cups
83 P-5 M/sEkta Engineering works Steel fabrication works
84 P-50 M/s.Bharat Paints Oil paints
85 P-63 to 65,74 & 75 M/s.Seagull Threads India ltd.

M/s.Golden fish Net Ind.
Threads, Nylon Yarn
86 P-66 i M/s.Naik Decorators Furniture
87 P-67 to 70 M/s.Nazareth Alloys Non-ferrous Metal Casting
88 P-72 M/s.E.S.I.C Corporation Medical Service
89 P-87 to 90 M/s. Express Machine & scaffolding p. ltd Cold storage unit
90 P-91 M/s.V.R.Satardekar Auto Repairs
91 P-93 M/s.Natasha  Ice Plant  $ Cold  Storage Ice Plant
92 P-95 M/s.Chem Pharm Equipments Pharmaceutical Equipment
93 P-96 M/s.Lucky Gen.Engineering Furniture
94 P-97, 98 M/s.Navbharat Cement Works Cement  Grills etc
95 SA-11a/P-22 M/s.Shinde Engg Works Mfg. of Cast Iron Foundry
96 SA-11b M/s.Conveyor Belts Servicing Mfg. of conveyor belts
97 SA-12/Gd-4 M/s.Plastax containers Mfg. of Plastic Containers
98 SA-13 M/s.Fire Equipment P.Ltd Mfg. of Firefighting Equipment
99 SA-4 M/s.  Jutex Mfg.& Printing of Jute Bags
100 SA-6/Gd-5 M/s. Jutex Mfg.& Printing of Jute Bags.
101 SA-7 & 8  M/s. Express Machine & scoffolding P. Ltd. Warehousing
102 SA-9 M/s. Zenith Computers Mfg. Of Computers


1 D1-3 M/s.Bandekar Engg.Industries Mfg.of Industrial Vales
2 D1-4 M/s.R.M.Sanghvi Repairing & Job  work of IT Box
3 D1-5 M/s.M.M.Sanghvi Complete Range of PER equip.Storing of Fertilizer to the contractor /agent of Zuari Industries
4 D2-1 M/s.Laoy Enterprises  
5 D2-10 M/s.Yujepo  Resins Mfg. of Wire Enamels
6 D2-11 M/s.Kemplant Industries Mfg of tin Sheets
7 D2-12 M/s. Krasny Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. Repairing and servicing of aircraft & helicopter equipment.
8 D2-17 M/s.Dev engineering Services Mfg. of carbon Paper
9 D2-24 &25 M/s.Plaza Break & Rubber Industries Mfg. of Rubber Moulded Parts
10 D2-26 M/s.Mipak Industries Mfg. of Plastic Bottles
11 D2-29 M/s.Sanghavi Shipwright Mfg. of Marine Equipment
12 D2-32/P-52 M/s.Varun Engg. works Mfg. of Crown Corks Storing of fertilizer to Zuari  agent
13 D2-35 M/s.Jogi & Sons

M/s. Shailes Packaging
14 D2-37 M/s.Polyart Industries Mfg. of PVC Tubing
15 D2-38 M/s.Metal Craft

M/s. Jutex Packaging Pvt. Ltd.
Mfg. of Metal Sheets
16 D2-39 M/s.Vishal Galvanisers Galvanizing
17 D2-5 M/s.Agrochem Industrial Services Mfg.of H.S.pipes & Storage Tanks
18 D2-6 M/s.Bandekar Sp.Valve Corp. Mfg.of Industrial Valves
19 D2-7 M/s.Bandekar Sp.Valve Corp. Mfg.of Industrial Valves
20 D3-1 M/s.Simran Plastics Pvt Ltd Expanded Polystyrene Sheets
21 D3-18 M/s.Ocean king P.Ltd Mfg of fat Liquor
22 D3-2 M/s.R.K.Electrical  
23 D3-20,21 M/s.Krishna conchem products Waterproofing compounds
24 D3-24 M/s.Sparrow Microelectronics Computer equipment
25 D3-26 M/s.Ranjit Electronics Mfg of tape recorders
26 D3-3 M/s. Techno Consultancy Services Fabrication Works
27 D3-4 M/s.Goa Process Control Fabrication Job Work
28 D3-5 M/s. Eagle Ice Plant. Manufacture of ice blocks
29 D3-6 M/s.Bandekar Sp.Valve Corp. Mfg.of Industrial Valve
30 D3-8 M/s.Vasco Galvanizers Galvanizing
31 G-2 M/s.Diamond electroplates Electroplating
32 G-6 M/s.Dayal   Accumulators Battery  & Battery  Plates
33 G-8 M/s.Mansi  Graphics Printi8ng
34 P-18 M/s.Raja  Automobiles Repairing Servicing
35 P-29 M/s.Abhijit Industries  
36 P-29 M/s.New Goa Ship Repairs Fabrication works
37 P-3 to 6 M/sBharat Conductor P. Ltd. Aluminum wires conductors
38 P—30 $ 31 M/s. Neha Enterprises M.S.Fabrication.
39 P-32 M/s.Satguru  Industries Cutting $ Polishing
40 P-4 & 6 M/s.Goa  Laminators Printing & Lamination
41 P-49 M/s.Alfa Boxes Printing boxes
42 P-59 to 62 M/s.Mankoor Forge Pvt Ltd Forged Blocks
43 P-7 M/s.Vibgyor Industries Fibre Glass
44 P-71 M/s.S & M Electro-plating Electroplating
45 P-8 M/s. Yeshda Enterprises Storage of Gas sylander
46 P-84 to 86 M/s.Shetye Steel Yard M.S.Steel Rods
47 P-84a M/s.Magnus  Chemicals Calcium Chloride
48 P-9 & 10 M/s.Asha IndoLanka Blending & Bottling of IMFL
49 P-92 M/s.Venkatexa Industries Cement blocks etc
50 P-94 M/s.Swati Enterprises Submersible Pumps
51 P-99 M/s. Sunit Enterprises Exhaust fans, wind-powered Turbo ventilators
52 P-G-3 M/s.Burton Fans Natural Products Rose Crystals, Natural Essence
53 SA-1 M/s  Pavnai Plastpact Packing products of plastics
54 SA-10 M/s. Goa Super Electrodes

To. M/s.Spaceage foods
Mfg. of Electrodes
55 SA-11c & d M/s.Kamat Engg. Co. M/s.Metaltek Mfg. of Fabrication Work
56 SA-2 M/s.Shree Mallikarjun  shipping Pvt. Ltd. Mfg. corrugated boxes
57 SA-3 M/s.Shree Mallikarjun Shipping Pvt . Ltd. Mfg. corrugated boxes
58 SA-5 M/s.R.K.Furnaces MFg. Of Furnaces etc