1 D2-17 M/s. Arvind Organics Paints, primer, etc
2 P-18 M/s. Atul International Automobile seat covers, shopping bags
3 P-21, 22 M/s. Blossom Pharmaceuticals Cream lotion, ointment
4 P-3, P-5B-Ph-II,  P-39, 40, 41-Ph-II & D3-14 M/s. Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Drugs & pharmaceuticals formulation
5 P-29 M/s. Chodankar Brothers Garage & repair jobs
6 D2-21, 22, 23 M/s. Crompton Greaves Ltd. Electric motors & generators
7 P-3C M/s. Dudeshwar Steel Furnitures Steel furniture & fabrication
8 D2-32, 33 M/s. Dyanaquip Engineers Die casting machines accessories
9 P-42 M/s. Dynaquip Machines Pressure Die Castings
10 D3-8, 9 M/s. Epoxy Coats Industries Printing & Painting on metal glass
11 D2-41 M/s. G. K. Enterprises Automobile components
12 P-4 M/s. Geno Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Pharmaceuticals products
13 D3-11 (P-50) M/s. GKB Hi-Tech Lenses Ltd. Ophthalmic Lenses from blanks
14 P-16A, 16-C&D and D-19 & D2-14 M/s. GKB Ophthalmics Pvt. Ltd. Ophthalmic Lenses
15 D3-15 M/s. Goa Hydraulics Machines Tools, Accessories
16 D3-4 (P-12) M/s. Goa Optolab Pvt. Ltd. Ophthalmic Lenses, etc.
17 D3-22 M/s. Goa Wire & Allied Products Wire Products such as hooks, bolts, etc.
18 D3-27 M/s. Goan Liquor Products Pvt. Ltd. Blending & bottling (IMFL)
19 D3-6 M/s. Gomantak Cables Wire and cables
20 P-1 M/s. House of Furniture Wooden furniture
21 D2-29 M/s. HYD Air Engg. Works Hydraulic Fittings& Valves
22 P-28 M/s. Hydropack Industries Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps
23 P-3A M/s. Laxmi Coach Builders Repair and servicing of vehicles
24 P-26, P-27A M/s. Living Room LifeStyle Ltd. Wooden furniture
25 D3-20 & D2-24 M/s. M. R. Engineering Single-arm David and lifeboats fittings
26 D2-3 M/s. Magic Wash Industries Pvt. Ltd. Washing machines, sheet metal components
27 D3-12 A M/s. Mahalsa Packers Corrugated boxes
28 P-3-B M/s. Manerkar Industries Blouse hooks
29 D3-16 M/s. Mardolkar Marine Engineers Spares  of marine engines,  Earthmoving machinery
30 D2-34 M/s. Midwest Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Instrumentation / Apparatus Systems for measuring
31 D3-35 M/s. Minco (India ) Pvt. Ltd. Pressure Vaccum gauges
32 P-11 M/s. Modern India Detergents Soap detergents
33 G-1 M/s. Navtara Fabricators Fabrication
34 D2-43 M/s. Nevgi Fastners Pvt. Ltd. Barbed wire, Nails, rivets
35 P-24 & 25 M/s. Nirupa Fishnet Industries Fishnets
36 D2-37 M/s. Patel Closures Pvt. Ltd. Plastic closures
37 D2-36 M/s. Patel Flexiprint Goa Pvt. Ltd. LDPE Films, Bags
38 P-12,13 & 14 & 5-ABC, D2-1 & 2 M/s. Phil Corporation Ltd. Motion picture, sound & projection
39 P-2, 3 & 4 M/s. Phil Enterprise Ltd. Projectors, photographic products
40 D2-4, 5 & 6 M/s. Phil System Ltd. Photographic projectors, Films
41 D2-42 M/s. Prakash Enterprises Moter shaft component, cylindrical grinding
42 P-23 M/s. Prestige Industries Hawai chappals
43 D3-12 M/s. Prestige Furnitures Pvt. Ltd. M. S. Furniture, Partition  & storage rack
44 D3-19 M/s. Ram Industries Sewing machines cabinets
45 P-5A M/s. Raut Roadways & Vehicles Repairs Motor vehicles  repairs
46 D2-15 M/s. Rotoflex Filmpack Industries Polythene bags
47 P-17 M/s. Satpurush Industries Steel cupboards
48 D3-7 M/s. Shidore Microsys Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Power electronics equipment UPS
49 P-27 M/s. Siddarth Engineering Fabrication
50 D3-23, 24, 34 & P-6, 7, & 8 M/s. Sigma Laboratories Ltd. Tablets, liquid/prals injection, etc.
51 P-24, 25 M/s. Sonoo Garage Maruti cars repairs
52 P-10 M/s. Standard Pack & Print Pvt. Ltd. Corrugated boxes
53 D2-30 M/s. Structures India Wooden and steel furniture
54 D2-27 M/s. Sunprint Ink Industries Printing ink etc.
55 P-30 M/s. Sunshine Electric Company Electric control panels
60 P-17 B, D2-7 & 8 M/s. Tata  Infotech Ltd. Minicomputers, documents encoders, readers
61 P-6 M/s. Tivim Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals Products
62 D2-38, 39 M/s. Top Brass Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. Lock latches
63 D2-12 M/s. J. & J Precision Industries Watch Cases & quartz analog watch assembly
64 D2-25 M/s. Sai Extrusion Pvt. Ltd. HDPE, Twines and robs
65 D2-44 M/s. Anand Engineers Barbed wire
66 D3-1 M/s. Dyna Plast Tech Plastics Injection molding
67 D3-28 M/s. Weld Tech Engineers M. S. Grills
68 P-17-A (Sub-lease) M/s. J. J. Precision Industries Digital Electronics Watches & Watch straps
69 D3-28 (Sub-Lease) M/s. Mangurish Engg. Works Fabrication & Machinery works
70 P-18 (Sub-Lease) M/s. Atul Udyog Concrete mixer,  loaders
71 D3-32 (Sub-Lease) M/s. S. N. Industries Metal lamp caps for Auto & other lamps
72 P-45 (Sub-Lease) M/s. Shakti Industrial Concrete Mixers, Concrete batch plant
73 P-27 (Sub-Lease) M/s. Supreme Furniture Fabrication
74 D2-26 (Sub-Lease) M/s. Arden Entreprises    Ice cream, Fruit Juice, and Cold storage operation
75 D2-44 (Sub-Lease) 45m2 M/s. Suyash Enterprises Pollution prevention equipment, wastewater treatment system, incinerators, oil filtration systems, etc.
76 D2-44 (Sub-Lease) 150m2 M/s. Suyash Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Oil skimmers, oil spill booms disesant spray systems & electrostatic  precipitators
77 D2-26 M/s. Nilma Twines & Ropes HDPE Twines & Ropes
78 D3-17 M/s. Parle Exports Pvt. Ltd. PVC comp[und & plastic items
79 D2-45 M/s.Gurukrupa Powder Coating & Plating Powder coating
80 P-5C M/s. Nilima Nets Pvt. Ltd. Fishnet
81 D2-12 A M/s. Print Master Printing and Binding etc.
82 P-16 M/s. Shriram Glass Ampoules Glass ampoules
83 D2-20 M/s. Excel Prints & Packs Printing of labels bags, stickers
84 D3-25, 26 & 35 M/s. Nanora Distilleries Blending & bottling (IMFL)
85 D2-40 M/s. National Industrial Corp. Ltd. IMFL
86 D3-29 M/s. Mantravadi Industries Powder coating
87 D2-49 & 50 M/s. Tivim Instruments Co. Pvt. Ltd. Components for gauges
88 D3-32 (Sub-Lease) M/s. S. N. Industries Metal Lamo caps for auto & other lamps


1 P-43, 44, 57 M/s. Chowgule Ind Ltd Servicing aand sale of a vehicle
2 P-1 & 1 A M/s. Su-Raj Diamond (India) Ltd. Plain, studded, gold & silver jewelry
3 P-15 M/s. Shwetal Infotech Assembly of computers, software development, etc.
4 D2-18 M/s. Cosme  Costa & Sons Mineral Water
5 D2-1 &2 M/s. Saishiv Boards & Tops Pvt. Ltd. Tabletops (plastic particle boards) and packing of top
6 D3-5 M/s. Goa Optolab Pvt. Ltd. Ophthalmic lenses
7 D3-21 M/s. Alpha Industries Fabricated steel parts and nonferrous parts
8 P-45 (Transfer-23/09/04) M/s. Royal Engineering Works P.P.Caps and Crown Corks, etc.


1 P-28 A M/s. Anandi Ice Plant Ice cubes
2 D2-10 M/s. Ashwek Motors Scooters services
3 P-16 B M/s. Caculo Nets Pvt. Ltd. Fishnets
4 D3-31 M/s. Goa Chains Imitation jewelry
5 D2-46 M/s. Hi-Tech Capsules Pvt. Ltd. Hard gelatine capsules
6 D3-2 M/s. Mapusa Bottle Caps Pilfer caps
7 P-27 B M/s. Miranda Engg. Pvt. Ltd. General Engg. Products
8 D2-47, 48 M/s. Pap Packaging Printing Pvt. Ltd. Packaging material
9 D3-18 M/s. Plasticrafts Acrylic side glass, name board
10 D3-30 M/s. R. J. Industries Imitation Jewelry
11 D2-20 M/s. Rachana Mfg. Co. Electrical Geysers
12 D3-3 M/s. Scanetronics Films & high-quality color separation
13 D2-28 M/s. Sunita Packaging Gum tapes etc.
14 Gala-3 M/s. Vengulekar & Sons Steel drums & Containers
15 D2-11 M/s. Pack Master Paper boxes
16 D2-44 M/s Anand Engineers wire nails
17 D2-4,5,6,P-2,3,4 &5ABC M/s Phil Corporation Electronic ID cards
18 D2-25 M/s Sai Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. HDPE twines & ropes
19 D3-17 M/s Parle Exports Pvt. Ltd. PVC Compound
20 D3-23,24, P-6,7,8 M/s Sigma Laboratories Ltd. Pharmaceutical formulations
21 P-3-A M/s Laxmi Coach Builders Repairing & servicing of vehicles
22 P-5C, 24 & 25 M/s Reis Magos Pvt. Ltd. Fishnets