1 P-90-91 M/s. Amit Capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Metal seal plastic films
2 P-76,77,73,74 M/s. OMP Components (I) Pvt. Ltd. Modular Furniture & Elect. Modular System
3 P-84 M/s. Auto Craft Industries Scooter & motorcycle spare parts                                    
4 P-61 M/s. Bhagyanager India Ltd. Jelly-filled telephone cables, etc.
5 P-57 M/s. Bharat Tiles & Marble Marble granite cutting and polishing
6 P-20 M/s. Deepra Inds. Automobiles silencers
7 P-54 M/s. Carasid Food Products
8 P-79 M/s. Earth Designs Ceramic plates, tiles, flowerpot
9 P-89 M/s. Elba Construction Equipments Steel fabrication & concrete mixer
10 P-46, 47 M/s. Filpack India Pvt. Ltd. Aerosol (HIT)
11 P-27, 28 M/s. GKB Vision Ltd. Bifocal lenses, Progressives lenses
12 P-55 M/s. Whol Foods Food Products
13 P-59-B-3 M/s. Goa Ice bergs Ice blocks
14 P-59-C-3 M/s. Kadiaem Products Diamond Impregnated Systems.
15 P-36, M/s. Vision Printing Services Pvt. Ltd. Photo album, photo covers printing & binding
16 P-51A M/s. Infinity Moduls Pvt. Ltd. Computer Steel furniture
17 P-52 M/s. Intergold India Ltd. Jewelry cutting, polishing of diamonds
18 P-31.32.44,45 M/s. Jayashree Enterprises Foam rubber mattress
19 P-81 M/s. Joy Engineering Works Steel fabrication works
20 P-112 M/s. Kaushik Rolformers Pvt.Ltd. Processing steel coils
21 P-88 M/s. Bharat Laundry Industries Laundry services
22 P-4 M/s. Marvel Industries Sheet metal components
23 P-34, 35 &41 M/s. Mass Kinematics Pvt. Ltd. Chemical process equipments, storage tanks
24 P-64 M/s. Meta Creations Industries Fabrication
25 P-75 M/s. Metedecor Industries Ornamental light garden stand
26 P-51 M/s. Metpro Industries Powder-coated products
27 P-62 M/s. Natural Marble Inds. Marble granite tiles, etc.
28 P-53 M/s. Nebula Home Products Pvt. Ltd. Printed cartons, toothpaste, etc.
29 P-82 M/s. Priya Electronics Capacitors
30 P-66, 67 M/s. Rajasthan Granites Marbles Cutting  polishing granite stones
31 P-22,23,24,59-A3,4 M/s. Royal Marble & Granites Cutting and Polishing Marble
32 P-33 M/s. Rukmini Pack Prints P. L. Printed flexible packaging material
33 P-99 M/s. Samraj Enterprises Lime powder
34 P-25,26,29 & 30 M/s. Sandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Ayurvedic medicines
35 P-21 M/s. Sonam Industries Ice cream
36 P-12,13,14,15 & 16 M/s. Surana Telcom  Ltd. Jelly filled telephone cables, optic fiber cables
37 P-78 M/s. Surecleen Services Pvt. Ltd. Laundry unit
38 P-100 M/s. Teja Morajkar LPG cylinder storage
39 P-65 M/s. Transelectric Repairs & servicing of transformers
40 P-17, 18  17-A M/s. Uni-Chem Laboratories Ltd. Antibiotics capsules tablets, etc.
41 P-70 M/s. Zarsons Gas Agency LPG cylinder storage
42 P-2 M/s. Electrotect Systems. Electronic Products
43 A-59- A5 M/s. Ganpati Marbles & Tiles Cutting & Polishing of natural stone
44 P-59-C5 M/s. Laxmi Enterprises Ready-made Garments
45 P-50 M/s. Aashwin capacitors Pvt. Ltd. Electronic Plastic  Metallised Film Capacitors.
46 P-86 M/s. CFL Aromas (India) P.L. Alluminium Fabrication
47 P-92,93.94 M/s. FMD Industries Electronics Remot Controls devices.
48 P-59-B5 M/s. Global Spirit & Foods Confectionery/ IMFL
49 P-105 M/s ARK Shipping & Management C0. R&D for Marine drills Repairs of life rafts
50 P-98 M/s Goa Granite & Marbles Granite & Marbles
51 P-85 M/s Goldfield Fragrances P.L. Fragrance Compound
52 P-39 M/s Seebal Mikelin distilleries P. L. Brandy Whisky
53 P-56 M/s. Omkar Printing
54 P-71/3 M/s Pearl Granite & Marbles Granite & Marbles
55 P-42,43,60 M/s. Kineco PL Chemical processing Equipment
56 P-37 M/S Plasticon MS Fabrication
57 P-71/1 M/s Bharat Industries Marble & Garnite
58 P 61-A M/s Raajdin Indus. Ready-mixed concrete cement Products
59 P-114 M/s. Berger Becker Coating Ltd. Paints & Primer
60 P-59-B1 M/s Shunyata Arts P. Ltd. Cardboard board boxes, Labels
61 P-59-C2 M/s Sharada Stone Industries Marble Cutting & Polishing
62 P-59-C1 M/s Majestic Metal Furniture Steel furniture


1 P-7, 8 ,9, 101, 102 M/s. Alpha Impex   Pvt. Ltd. Nylon 6 filament yarn
2 P-3 M/s. Anchor Electricals Electrical plastic saddles, PVC pipes, etc.
3 P-68 M/s. Apurva Industries Plastic casting fitting & allied products
4 P-38 M/s. Clean Cat Conveyor Pvt. Ltd. Conveyor rollers idlers, drums, etc.
5 P-5 & 6 M/s. Clin Medicals Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceutical tablets capsules, ointments
6 P-95 M/s. D. S. Hosiery Cotton, nylon hosiery
7 P-71/2 M/s. Sai stonex Marble & granites
8 P-104 M/s. Bandodkar Construction Const. Items.
9 P-80 B M/s. Paulina Granits Display showroom of granits products
10 P- 106 To 110 M/s. Mile Stone Food Products Food Products
11 P-59 – B-4 M/s Ashok Marble & Granits Marble & granites
12 P-63 &19 M/s. Fourth Dimension Developers P.L. Fabrication & Construction items
13 P-48 -A M/s. Marble House. Marble & Granite.
14 P-97, 98 M/s. Hira Tiles & Marbles Marble & granites
15 P-87 M/s. Olmar Gas Agency LPG Cylinder storage & repairs
16 P- 70- A M/s. Shri Jai Maa Steel Fabrication Fabrication & Construction items
17 P-72-2   Cutting  & polishing of all types of natural stones
18 P-83 M/s. S.A. Air Condition Services Deep freezers, bottle coolers, pepsy hardness, air conditioners, etc. manufacturing & servicing
19 P-113-B M/s. Lawis & Lawis Co. Save Lotion & Perfumers
20 Utility Plot M/s. Olinda Miranda  Storage
21 P-103 M/s. Satodecor Pvt.Ltd. PVC domestic cables
22 P-49-B M/s. Steelmac Industries M.S. Grills & gate
23 P-111 M/s. Suthar & Associates Steel Furniture
24 P-1 M/s. Universal Electrical Tube light, frames, choke, etc.
25 P-69 M/s. Universal Industries Aluminum steel furniture
26 P-56 M/s. Marble Point. Marble & Granits.
27 P-113 M/s M N Ramarao & Co Automobile Filters
28 P- Utility M/s. Fabco Steel Fabrication MS Furniture
29 P-59-A1 & A2 M/s. Classic Creations Readymade Garments
30 P-59-B2 M/s.  Exceed Jewels Jewelry
31 A-113 -A M/s. Bharat Bakery Bakery products like biscuits, toast, bread, etc.
32 P-48-B M/s. Shyam Marble. Marble & Granite.
33 P-49-A M/s. Shree Gajanan Paper Indus. Corrugated Boxes
34 P-53-1 M/s. Vasudev Marbles. Marble & Granite.
35 P-53-2 M/s. Krishna Granite & Marble Marble & Granite.
36 P-53-3 M/s. Pushpa Marble & Granite. Marble & Granite.
37 P-72/1 M/s Vasu Tiles Marble & Granite.
38 P-59-C-4 M/s. Meal Makers Processing of food Products
39 P-80-A M/s Gurukrupa Logistic Logistic


1 P-10, 11 M/s. Ravish Infusion Ltd. Intravenous I. V. Fluids
2 P-39-A M/S Del,s Basic Services STD/ ISD  Service
3 P- 40 M/s Parekh Enterprises Packaging & Storage