1 A1-20 M/s. Acme Airfrost Ind. Pvt. Ltd. Servicing, repairing, painting, assembly of refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.
2 A2-6 M/s. Ambica Industries PVC footwear
3 A2-5 M/s. Aminet Pvt. Ltd. Rope machine
4 A2-1& 2 M/s. Anand  Distilleries  foreign liquor
5 P-5 M/s. Atlas  Ice  Factory Ice & Cold Storage
6 D2-31 M/s. Borkar Colour Packs Pvt. Ltd. Printed corrugated cartoons
  A1-6 M/s. Borkar Industries Printing
8 D3-10 &11 M/s. Borkar Packaging Pvt. Ltd. Corrugated boxes
9 D1-1 &  D2-8 M/s. Borkar Printers Printing
10 P-16A M/s. Cairo Engineering Engg. Works
11 P-16 M/s. Cairo Ice Plant Ice
12 A3-15 M/s. Chem tec Industries Pvt. Ltd. Varnish & frech polish
13 A2-15 M/s. Crown Engineering Mfg. Diesel Engine
14 D3-6 M/s. Datson Engineers Aluminum moulds
15 D3-5 M/s. Datson Inds. Fabrication/assembling of motor vehicle
16 D2-1 M/s. Datta Gawandalkar & Sons Plastic molded items
17 P-35 M/s. Durga Platics Caps for collapsible tubes
18 D3-16 M/s. Engineers Industrial Feb & Mfg. Of nuts & bolts
19 A3-3 M/s. Eskay Packaging Aluminum collapsible tubes
20 D2-6 M/s. Flexi Pack. Corrugated boxes
21 P-11(II) M/s. Gabsons Cement Product Cement Products
22 D2-24 M/s. Ghugare Industries Aluminum household utensils
23 P-2 M/s. Goa Mould Craft Steel molds
24 D3-12-A M/s. Goa Press Tools Cutting tools
25 A2-14 M/s. Gomantak Magnetic wires Copper wire winding
26 A3-5 M/s. Graphic Art PP Cap & Packing Material
27 D2-32 M/s. Indo Pack Corrugated boxes
28 D2-23 M/s. Industrial Comp.& Spares Delco print motor
29 A3-17 M/s. Jordan Dental Cream Products Ltd., Tooth Brushes
30 D2-29 M/s. Jyoti Food Products Food products
31 P-3 M/s. Kanson Engineers Engg. Items
32 A2-7 M/s. Rehana Packaging Corrugated boxes.
33 D2-25 M/s. Louis care Perfumed hair oil, Brillian tines
34 A3-18 M/s. Lucky Enterprises Scrap
35 D1-2 M/s. Luis Care Herbal hair oils, cosmetics
36 P-10 M/s. Machinery Crafts Wire drawings machines
37 D2-28 M/s. Magna Performers Spray Performers
38 P-12 M/s. Mahalaxmi Ice & Cold Storage Ice blocks
39 P-16A M/s. Maratha Ice Factory Ice blocks
40 D2-10 M/s. Modern Packaging Inds. Corrugated boxes
41 A3-1&2 M/s. Monak Packaging Aluminum collapsible tubes
42 A1-1 M/s. Naik Fishnet Industries Fishnets
43 A2-4 M/s. Naik Industries Precession instruments / fishnet
44 A1-2 M/s. Naik Zip Fastners Zip fastners
45 P-1 M/s. Naveen Distillery I.M.F.L.
46 A2-1 M/s. Naveen Distillery IMFL
47 P-13&14 M/s. Nilmac Packaging Aluminum collapsible tubes
48 P-33 M/s. P. K. Tiles Flooring tiles
49 D1-3 & D3-14 M/s. Paper Pack. Corrugated boxes
50 A1-4 M/s. Pioneer Tin Works Engg. Unit
51 D2-20, 21 M/s. Possible Electronic Pvt. Ltd. Television
52 D2-16 M/s. Pralhad Engineers Steel furniture and Fabrication works
53 D3-15 M/s. Purvatron Industries  Printing circuit boards
54 D2-11 M/s. Raiturkar Print Pack Printing
55 A1-13 M/s. Reliance Mfg. Co. Hydraulic Jacks
56 B3-5, D3-7 M/s. Rex Instrument Pvt. Ltd. Tips & ball pen
57 A3-6 M/s. Rivon Engg. Co. Industrial Diamond tools
58 P-9 M/s. Rivon Engg. Co. Industrial diamond tools
59 D3-19 M/s. S. S. Enterprises PVC electrical conducts
60 A1-22 M/s. Samudra Ropes Pvt. Ltd. Nylon ropes
61 P-4 M/s. Sanartan Bharateeya Sanskruti Sanstha Printing of books, banners, posters, etc.
62 P-8 M/s. Seahath Canning Company Fish canning
63 D2-27 M/s. Searock Printers Pvt. Ltd. Printed cartoons, labels, etc.
64 P-15 M/s. Servex Auto Electricals Engg. Works
65 P-6 & 7 M/s. Shaili Hi-Tech Pvt. Ltd. Bridge inspection equipment
66 A2-9 M/s. Simca Aluminum Alluminium Fabrication
67 A2-8 M/s. Star Pack Corrugated boxes
68 A1-3 M/s. Stardom Tyres Remoulding of tires
69 P-A1 M/s. Swan Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. Indian made foreign liquor
70 D3-8 M/s. Tana Engineers Aluminum powder coating steel powder coating
71 D2-30 M/s. Trident Tool Industries Engineering items
72 D2-5, D2-9 M/s. Turbochem India Pvt. Ltd. Tooling dies/pumps impellers hosiery wear
73 A2-12 M/s. Varde Enterprises Rubber molded items
74 A3-16 M/s. Vikuvima Chemicals Chemicals
75 D2-17 M/s. Vinka Industries Industrial Diamond Tools


1 P-D10 M/s. Packing Technics Welding
2 A2-10 M/s. Prakash Group of Inds. Welding Fluxes
3 P-82 (B3-4) M/s. Rex Instruments Pvt. Ltd. metallic tips for ballpoint pen
4 D1 & D-2 M/s. Gomantak Trading Co. Gas Agency, Distribution of Gas
5 P-11 M/s. Mhatre Industries Computers, peripherals, electric products, etc.
6 D-20 M/s. Shantadurga Foods Coconut powder, mango pulb, etc
7 D-7 & D-8 M/s. Aurora Electric Co. H. P. Gas godowns
8 D-18 & D-19 M/s. Ambika Industries Electrical Appliances, etc.
9 D-16 &D-17 M/s. Wonderfoods Ice Cream
10 B-5 M/s. Novacem Pavers & Allied Products interlocking pavers & allied products, cement grills, etc.
11 C-4/1 M/s. Geo Industries battery containers manufacturing unit
12 B-1 M/s. MSPL Limited Manuf. Industrial oxygen.
13 D-4 M/s. Durga Packers Corrugated boxes and greyboard partition
14 D-5 M/s. Ganesh Packaging Corrugated boxes
15 D-14 M/s. Dairy Designers Milk Products


1 A-26 M/s. Ambika Industries PVC Footwear
2 A2-6 M/s. Aminet's Pvt. Ltd. Rope machines
3 D2-14 M/s. Avon Confectionery Confectionery items
4 D2-19 M/s. Bharat Rubbers Tread rubber
5 A3-17 M/s. Jordan Dental Care Products Pvt. Ltd. Toothbrushes
6 D2-10 M/s. Modern packaging corrugated boxes
7 D2-27 M/s. Vinka Industries Industrial diamond tools
8 A2-3 M/s. Datta Gaundalkar Plastic Bottles
9 D3-4 M/s. Engineers Industrial  Electrical, Electronic,Equipment
10 D2-12 M/s. Gajanam Plastic Inds. Plastic Items
11 D2-7 M/s. Goa Plastic Pipes PVC conduit pipes
12 D2-3 & 4 M/s. Kamat Sythetics PVC shoes
13 A1-5 M/s. Kare Industries Automobile spares
14 A3-19 & 20 M/s. Karpe Classics Mfg. photo printing & screen printing
15 D2-13 M/s. Narayan Plastics Plastics
16 D3-9 M/s. Premier Food Industry Squash & syrup