Export Market Development

No. 3/40/2003/IND(Part)
The Government of Goa,
Secretariat, Porvorim – Goa.
Dated:- 31st December 2008.


Whereas vide Notification No. 1/49/2000/S(IND)/Vol.II dated 04-08-2003, published in the Official Gazette, Extraordinary No.4 Series1 No.18 dated 06.08.2003, the Government of Goa notified the Goa Industrial Policy, 2003 (hereinafter referred to as the "said Policy ").

Now, in pursuance of clause 5.9 (iii) of the said Policy, the Government of Goa is pleased to frame the following Scheme, namely:-

1. Short title and commencement _ (1) This Scheme shall be called the GOA STATE EXPORT MARKET DEVELOPMENT SCHEME, 2008.

(2) It shall come in force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette and shall remain in force up to 31st March 2011.

2. INTRODUCTION - To give effect to the provisions of the said policy, the Government of Goa is pleased to introduce this Scheme for the industrial units engaged in export and set up in Goa, by assisting in the form of an interest-free loan. 

3. OBJECTIVES – The main objectives of the Scheme are as follows:-

(a) To encourage Goan Industries to improve export markets.

(b) To support the Goan Industries to establish their goods in the export market, thereby generating growth and employment.

4. Eligibility - 

(a) Only those units set up in Goa and permanently registered or acknowledged with Entrepreneurs Memorandum II by the Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce shall be eligible.

(b) The unit should be in operation for a minimum period of three years.

(c) The unit should have an import/export code issued by the Reserve Bank of India/Government of India or by any competent authority of the Government of India.

(d) The total turnover of the unit for the last three proceeding financial years should not exceed 10 crores. 

5. Quantum of Loan -

Maximum interest-free loan up to Rs.5.00 lakhs will be provided under this Scheme.

6. Purpose for Assistance -

(a) Interest-free loan under this Scheme up to Rs.5.00 lakhs will be provided for participating in Shows/Exhibitions outside India.

(b) Interest-free loan up to Rs.5.00 lakhs will also be provided for market study tour out of India.

(c) One unit can avail this facility only once under this Scheme in a lifetime.

(d) If the original unit has already taken benefits under this Scheme, then the sold/transferred unit shall not be eligible to derive any benefits under this Scheme.

(e) If there is any dispute in interpreting (a) to (d) above, then the decision of the Director, Directorate of industries, Trade and Commerce, shall be final and binding.

7. Repayment Schedule:

(a) The total loan availed under this Scheme shall be repaid over a period of five years in equal half-yearly installments.

(b) An Order granting loan under this Scheme shall carry a schedule of repayment and delay in payment shall carry interest @ 14% per annum.

The units shall submit collateral security equal to the quantum of contribution sought or equal to the tune the unit is eligible for. In case of failure to repay, the security so produced shall be forfeited.


The loanee shall also furnish Post Dated Cheques for repayment of the installments so fixed and in case of non-realization of any of the cheques, he/she shall be liable for prosecution as per the existing provision of Law.

8. Procedure to file applications :

The interested units shall apply to the Directorate of Industries, Trade, and Commerce in the specified form at least 30 days before the study tour or exhibition or less than 30 days if agreed to by the Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce, along with the following documents:- 

(a) Copy of Permanent Registration Certificate

(b) Copy of import/ export goods certificate.

(c) Financial Statement duly certified by Chartered Accountant for the last preceding three years.

9. Disbursement Procedure :

(a) Director of Industries, Trade and Commerce shall intimate his decision within two weeks to such unit, who has applied under the Scheme and disburse the loan.

(b) The promoter of the unit who has availed facility under this Scheme shall submit a detailed report within 30 days of return from the visit.

10. Task Force Committee :

There shall be a Task Force Committee for scrutiny and be recommending this Scheme consisting of the following members:-

1. General Manager (DIC) of Directorate of Industries, Trade, and Commerce, as a Chairman.

2. Assistant Director (Admn) of Directorate of Industries, Trade, and Commerce, as a Member.

3. Under Secretary (Finance)/(Expenditure), as a Member.
4. One person to be nominated by the Government from Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

5. One person to be nominated by the Government from Goa State Industries Association.

The Committee may co-opt additional members from Financial Institutions or Associations if felt necessary. This has been issued with the concurrence of Finance (Exp.) Department vide U.O.No. 1650 dated 26/6/2008.

By Order and in the name of
the Governor of Goa.
( B. S. Kudalkar )
Under Secretary (Industries)

The Director, Printing and Stationery, Government Printing Press, Panaji, Goa, with a request to publish the same in the Extraordinary Gazette and to furnish 10 copies of the same to this Department, for official use.

Copy to:-
1)The Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce, Panaji, Goa.