1 SB-72 M/s. A-1 Furniture Steel furniture
2 SB-53 M/s. Aqua Quench Mineral Waer
3 M-5 M/s. Adideep Pavex (P) Ltd. Concrete hollow blocks, concrete solid blocks
4 SA- 24, 25 M/s. Costa’s Ice Plant Ice and storage
5 SB-6, 7 & 8 M/s. Crescent Fragrances Mfg. of perfumery & flavoring  chemicals
6 M-17 M/s. Cuncolim Oxygen Plant Pvt. Ltd. Oxygen plant
7 SA-67 & 68 M/s. Danies Earthmoving Tire retreading and thread rubber
8 SB-3 & 4 M/s. Desai & Desai Packaging Crown caps
9 SB-2 M/s. Dev Kamal Industries Corrugated boxes
10 SA-11 & 11-A M/s. Dimac Industries Manganese oxide manufacturer
11 SA-22, 23 M/s. Dimac Organics Pvt. Ltd. Natural manganese dioxide powder
12 SA-87 M/s. Emkay Elastomers Thread rubber
13 SA-53 M/a. Eagle Metal Industries Metal Fabricated item including bottom guides & springs for rolling shutters.
14 SA-33& 34 M/s. English Rubber Latax Foam
15 SB-17 M/s. Film Plast Plastic bags
16 L-16, M-18, M-19 M/s. Global Ispat Ltd. M.S.ingots/billet forging steel.
17 SA-7 M/s. Ganesh Pet Blow-molded pet products mfg. Units.
18 SB-39 M/s. Goa Ice & Cold Storages Ice & cold Storages
19 SB-1 M/s. Goa Industrial Tapes Pvt. Ltd. Bi-Axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Tapes.
20 L-6 & L-7 M/s. Karthik Alloys Ltd. High carbon manganese
21 SA-31, 32, 40 & 41 M/s. Liya Essentials oils Essentials oils
22 D3-6, SA-58 M/s. M. C. Bauchemie Building chemicals
23 SA-69 & 70 M/s. Mandovi Lime Industries Burnt lime powder out of seashells
24 SB-11, & 12 M/s. Manisha Packers Corrugated boxes aand corrugated cartoons
25 L- 15, 19 & 20 M/s. Nicomet Industries Pvt. Ltd. Electrolytic cobalt metal, Sulphate, nitrate & carbonate of cobalt and nickel, etc.
26 SB-15 M/s. Plastic International Plastic bags
27 L-4, M-23 M/s. Pooja Ferro Alloys Pvt. Ltd. Ferro Alloys
28 SA-12 M/s. Pramukh Caps P. P. Caps
29 SA-6 M/s. Rocha Industries Crown corks
30 SB-43, 54 M/s. Roquedal Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. Re-refining of lubricating
31 SA-1 & 2 M/s. Royal Milk Products Ice Cream
32 L-26 M/s. Rukminirama Rolling Mills Rounds for steel of 8 to 25 mm  Dia flats, square angles
33 L-12 M/s. S. Chem & Allied Products Manganese dioxide
34 M-6, 7, 8 & 9 M/s. S. T. P. Ltd. Construction additives & allied products
35 SB-74    M/s. S.S.Engineering  Co., Trolley, wheels(SS &MS)trolley,equipments furniture etc.
36 SB-5 M/s. Safin For Furniture Grills, gates, steel fabrication
37 L-27 M/s. Sagar Feeds Cattle Feeds
38 SB-23 M/s. Sairaj ice & cold storage Ice & cold storage plant manufacturing unit.
39 SA-4, 5, 15, 16 & 17 M/s. Shalom Exports Gum metal items of fire fighting equipment excess items
40 L-8 M/s. Shirdi Steel Re-Roller Pvt. Ltd. M. S. angles, channels, flats round CTD, etc.
41 SB-75, 76 & 77 M/s. Shree Laxmi Venkatesh Steels M S rounds, M S square & M. S. angles
42 M-14 &M-15 M/s. Shri Balaji Rolling P.Ltd., M.S.ingots.
43 SB-16 M/s. Shrink Wrap Plastic bags
44 SA-63 to 66 & 80 to 83 M/s. Sialca Industries Absorbents & granules, etc.
45 SA-28, 27 M/s. Super Wire Products Wire nails & M. S. wires
46 L-2 & 3 M/s. Surise Zinc Ltd. Electrolyte zinc
47 L-29 M/s. Taparia Tools Ltd. Forging for various applications & accessories
48 SB-40, 41, 42, and 51, 52 M/s. Unichar International Activated Carbon and Rosin
49 SA-36 & 37 M/s. Vinaya Enterprises Rubber molding mfg. unit
50 SA-86                         M/s. Waigankar Engg.                     Tata tipper bodybuilding roof structure for godown shed tractor trailer body building plate guilt structure.
51 SB-18 M/s. Wrap N Pack Plastic bags
52 M-10 M/s. Western Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Aerated water & mineral water
53 L-21 M/s. Desai Packaging P.Ltd. Corrugated boards & Boxes
54 SB-21 M/s. Kartikay metachem Ferromanganese ore powder etc.
55 SB-9, 10 M/s. Marie International Ice & cold storage
56 M-20 M/s. Trimurthy Industry M. S. Rounds, cold twisted bars, etc.
57 M-21(A) M/s. John Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. IMFL, Whisky, Brandy wine


1 SB-55 M/s. Costa’s Industries Rolling shutters, fabrication
2 SA-72, 89 M/s. Deluxe Chemicals Inds. Inds. Solvent rubber based solution & compounds distillation of solvent
3 SB-73 M/s. Ellfrank Engg.Works M. S. Fabrication & steelworks
4 SA-26 M/s. Eskay Engg. Works Automobile locks
5 SA-50, 51 M/s. Global Plasto Chem Ind. Solvent (thinner) mixers & blending by mechanical process
6 SA-30 M/s. Goa Plast Plastic caps & components
7 SA-90, 91 M/s. Goa Polychem Inds. Corrugated boxes, cartoons
8 SA-42 M/s. Kiran Industries Rubberized coir mattresses fiber pillows
9 SA-46 M/s. Kulpurush Engg. Works M.S.Truses, Industrial gates fencing, etc.
10 SA-29 M/s. Mafkan Metals Brass samyee, brass steel lamps, brass handling lamps, etc.
11 SA-73, 74 M/s. Mahima Neochem Inds. Corrugated boxes
12 L-9 M/s. Multilac Surface Coating (India) Ltd. Dry distemper cement paints etc.
13 SA-20 M/s. Nalini Enterprises Marbles cutting and polishing
14 SB-63 M/s. Balaji Marble & Granite Marble cutting & polishing, etc
15 SA-92, 59, 60 75, to 77 M/s. Parshuram Metal Welding flux, ramming masses
16 SA-3 M/s. Pam Synthetics Rubber molded spares
17 SA-43 M/s. Pan Engg. Line testers, motor rewinding, electrical penal
18 L-11 M/s. Panama Gomant ak Polymers Pvt. Ltd. Petroleum Ether A(60c-80c), Petroleum Ether B(50c-120c), Petroleum Ether B(90c-135c), Petroleum Ether B(125c-240c)
19 SB-26, 27,28 M/s. Paramount Chemical Inds. Hydro Carbon Solvent rubber based solution & compounds distilleries of solvent
20 SB-39 M/s. Pioneer Plastics Recycling of plastic scrap mfg. granules from plastic scrap
21 SB-19 & 20 M/s. Pullcast Door Frames Pvt. Ltd. Door frames & Window R.C. C.
22 SB-50 & 50-A M/s. Quality Foods Food Fishing Products processing
23 SB-25 M/s. Raika Air Conditions & Refrigeration Work Mfg. & repairing of air conditioners & refrigeration unit
24 SA-13 & 14 M/s. Ramnath Ice Plant Ice
25 SA-11B M/s. Royal Crown Crown cocks
26 SB-78 M/s. S. M. Kalekar Engineers & Contractors Absorbents and refractory material, granules & powder
27 M-21 (B) M/s. Sai Wineries Pvt. Ltd. Gin, Whisky wine brands
28 SA-10 M/s. Shat Pratishat Oxygen Dissolved acetylene, gas plants, oxygen plants, etc.
29 SB-22 M/s. Shreeji Industries Printing Ink (flexographic & gravure)
30 SA-52 M/s. Spark Soft Drinks. Soft drinks and soda mfg. unit.
31 SA-18, M/s. Star Chemical Inds. Ind. Solvent rubber based solvent processing of plastic materials
32 SA-21 M/s. Superseal Inds. Expanded polyethylene liners, cork, wads seal, proof caps, etc.
33 SB-50-B M/s. Quality Foods Expansion of their project
34 L-23/4 M/s. Bhagirathi Cashew Industries Processing of cashew nuts
33 L-30 M/s. Suvarna Rekha  Pvt. Ltd. Processing & freezing of seafood & cold storage
34 SA-38 M/s. Zameer Plastic Recycling of  & Plastic scrap, plastic granules
35 SA-85 M/s. Raja Book Mfg. Industry Exercise & Note Books
36 L-13 M/s. Molecules & Molecules Triphenylphosphine. Dimethyl carbonate technologies
37 L-23 / 7 & 8 M/s. Catalysts and Technologies Catalysts, special purpose fabrication
38 L-23/1, 2 & 3 M/s. Industrial Marketing Powder coating Powder
39 M-2/2 M/s. Kothari Impex Co. Scrap bailing & bundling
40 L-30/A M/s. Reliance Industries Limited Storage and handling of petroleum products


1 SA-7 to 49 M/s. Auarius Fiberglass Fiberglass, ERP, gobar gas tank, etc.
2 SA-35 M/s. Ashirwad Enterprises Plastics granules (out of scrap)
3 D3-2,SA-54 M/s. Damian Industries Plastic pallets, solid black & fitters press elements
4 L-22 M/s. Keserval Spring Distilleries I.M.F.L. and wine.
5 D3-5, SA-57 M/s. Mahalaxmi Fabrications & Engineers Fabrication of structural equipment etc.
6 M-1 M/s. Mandovi Ispat Pvt. Ltd. Hot rolled M. S. products
7 M-2 M/s. Mandovi Steel & Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. Hot rolled steel products
8 SA-92 , 59, 60, 75, 76 & 77 M/s. Parashuram Metaux Welding flux, ramming masses unit.
9 M-13 M/s.Shakti Tukuha Industries IMFL, Whisky, Rum, Brandy, etc.
10 D3-3, SA-55 M/s. Quality Appliances Deep freezer, bottle cooler, walk-in cooler, etc.
11 L-17 M/s. Raj & Yash Alloys Pvt. Ltd. Mild Steel Ingots Mfg. unit
12 SB-24 M/s. Shiva metallurgical product Maganese Powder carbon ferro powder
13 L-1 M/s. Tirupati Steel Pvt. Ltd. M. S. Ingots
14 SB-44 M/s. Venus Petrochemicals (B’bay) Pvt. Ltd. Processing of Hydrocarbon solvent & esters, lighters
15 SA-61,62,78,79 M/s. Vibgyor Coating Pvt. Ltd. Powder coating activity
16 L-10 M/s. Jaikishan Pipes (A wirician of Raj Irrigation pipes  & fittings Ltd.) Rigid  PVC pipes & fittings, SM pipes & fittings PVC dry bland compound & scrap
17 SA-8 & 9 M/s. Sagar Minerals Lime products & lime powder
18 SB-29, 30, 31, 32 & 33 M/s. Indo Straits Pvt. Ltd. Chemical Plasticizers for cement, bricks for refectories.
19 SB-13 M/s. Priya Distilleries Whisky, Brandy, Rum, Gin, and Wine
20 M-11 M/s. Suman Die Casting (P) Ltd. Non-ferrous metal alloys
21 SB-14 M/s. Vinyl Plastic Plastic bags
22 L-28 M/s. Western Coirform Pvt. Ltd. Rubberized Coir Matters