Certification & Patenting

Goa State Financial Incentives to the Industries for Certification and Patenting Scheme, 2003




Whereas vide Notification No.l/49/2000/S(IND)/ /Vol.11 dated 4-8-2003, published in the Official Gazette, Extraordinary No.4, Series I No. 18, dated 6-8-2003, the Government of Goa notified the Goa Industrial Policy,' 2003 (hereinafter referred to as the "said Policy"). Now, in pursuance of Clause 5.9 (iii) of the said Policy, the Government of Goa is pleased to frame the following scheme, namely:

1. Short title and commencement
(1) This Scheme shall be called the GOA STATE FINANCIAL INCENTIVES TO THE

(2) It shall come in force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette and shall
remain in force up to 31 st March 2008.

2. Introduction

Units that obtain Indian Standard Institute & International Standard Organisation certification or any other International Certification and/or patent right on products and/or
processes, need to be especially encouraged. Such units provide a benchmark of excellence and serve as a model for others to emulate. Therefore, this Scheme is introduced for industrial units to provide financial incentives for achieving the benchmark of excellence.

3. Objectives
The main objectives of this Scheme are as follows:—

(a) To encourage the industrial units to obtain national and international certification and patent rights to maintain requisite standards of quality of products/processes.

(b) To give the boost to the industrial units to achieve the benchmark of excellence and service as a model for others to emulate.

(c) To promote healthy qualitative industrial growth in the State of Goa.

4. Eligibility

(1) The units that obtain Indian Standard Institute, International Standard Organisation certification, or any other national/international certification for quality standards and/or patent right on product and/or processes are eligible to avail financial incentives under this Scheme, provided the industrial unit is under the category of small/medium and large scale industry or service industry falling under Green/Orange Category list. Following units are covered under this Scheme subject to (1) above and that the certificate obtained by the Industry is from the list of certifications notified by the Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce or stated in (1) above.

(a) Units registered with the Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce will be eligible for the grant under this Scheme.

(b) Units not registered with Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce but those, which are cleared by High Powered Co-ordination Committee or any Committee or Authority formed to grant such clearances for investment in the State.

(c) Service Industries not covered under subclause (a) and (b) above are also eligible to take benefit under this Scheme provided they fall under the following category.

(i) Hospitals or any other medical Institutions registered with or recognized by the Directorate of Health Services.

(ii) Educational Institutions recognized by the Directorate of Education/Directorate of Higher Education/Directorate of Technical Education or any other educational institutions affiliated to Goa University/Goa Board/Goa Board of Technical Education or any other institution covered under the Goa Education Development Corporation or Human Resource Development Foundation.

(iii) Co-operative Banks other than Multistate Co-operative banks registered with Registrar of. Co-operative Societies under Government of Goa.

(iv) Any other service sector specially notified for this purpose by the Director, Trade, and Commerce.

(2) The units can obtain the facility of financial incentive under this Scheme only once in the lifetime of the unit after permanent registration, and no unit shall be eligible for the
incentive a second time except under the circumstances specified in this Scheme.

(3) Those units who have already obtained Indian Standard Institute, International Standard Organisation or any other international certification or any patent right but have not availed any financial assistance from the State Government for same are also eligible to apply for the incentive under this Scheme for additional certification, if any, provided the certification is qualified for the benefit under this scheme.

(4) Those units who have availed of central assistance for this purpose will also be eligible but only to the extent of the balance amount after deducting the central assistance availed.

5. Quantum of Assistance
(1) Under this scheme financial assistance/subsidy to the extent of Rs.2 lakhs or the actual expenses incurred whichever is less will be granted per unit.

(2) Under the Scheme financial incentive can be availed once in a lifetime of the unit, irrespective of change in ownership/constitution or product provided that after such a
change in ownership/ /constitution/product; if the applicant becomes ineligible to use such certification under which the benefit is availed then the unit will once again be eligible to avail the benefit under the Scheme. Provided that the loss of certification due to inadequacies in the unit shall not be reason enough to avail this benefit for the second time.

The decision of the Director of Industries, Trade, and Commerce in this regard shall be final,

6. Monitoring and Disbursing Agency
The Trade and
Commerce shall be the monitoring and disbursing agency for this Scheme.

7. Procedure to file the application
The eligible unit shall apply in the specified
proforma to the Director, Trade, and Commerce along with the
documentary proof to show that the unit has obtained Indian Standard
Institute/International Standard Organisation or any international certification or patent
right or any other International Certification.

8. Disbursement procedure Upon receipt of the application, the Director of Industries Trade and Commerce shall scrutinize the list of eligible units and finalize the amounts of subsidy payable to such units within three months from the date of such application. The financial assistance/subsidy shall be disbursed within six months from the date of receiving such application.

This has been issued with the concurrence of the Finance Department vide U.O.No.Fin(Exp)/ /1472-F/2003 dated 3-11-2003.

By order and in the name of the Governor of Goa.
Smt. Jayshree Raghuraman, Secretary (Industries).
Panaji, 20th November 2003.