1 P-77, 78 & P-89,  89A,90, Godown no 4 & 5 M/s. Advanced Composites Pvt. Ltd. Equipment like launcher tube etc.
2 D2-16 M/s. ARC India Cupboards
3 D2-15  M/S Alpro Metals Aluminum doors, windows & allied products, fabricated machinery
4 D3-10 M/s. Shree Navadurga Agro Oil Industry Cashewnuts shell liquid.
5 Gala-8 & 9 M/s. Bharat Engg. Works Nut bolts, grills
6 D3-17 M/s. Crystal Industries Printed foil, foil containers plates, paper plates, corrugated boxes, fabrication of door, windows, etc.
7 D4-1 M/s. Dattaguru Polymers Plastic molding plastic vacuum-formed articles
8 D2-10 M/s. Deepak Steel Furniture Steel furniture
9 P-86, 87,1A,2A M/s. Devi Enterprises Plastic granules
10 D3-5 & 6  M/s. Directorate of Industries Indus. Clay items
11 D3-18 M/s. E. P. Industries Grills, Shutters, etc.
12 P-112 M/s. ESI Dispensary
13 P-113 M/s. G. V. Industries Spare parts etc.
14 P-95 M/s. Gajanan Engg. Works Engineering units
15 D2-7 & D3-8 M/s. GHRSSIDC Clay items (pottery activities unit )
16 D3-9 M/s. Goa Electroplaters & Finishers Plating colonize
17 D2-13 M/s. Goa Handicrafts Rural Artisans Welfare Trust Pottery activities unit
18 P-121 M/s. Goa Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. Hose assembling unit
19 P-50 & R. P. 6 M/s. Goa Potteries Clay items
20 D3-15 M/s. Goa Thermostatic Instruments Bi-metal/filled systems temperature gauges and burden pressure etc.
21 D2-3,4,24to27 P-105,106&107 M/s. Grand Organics  Pvt. Ltd. Leather & textiles chemicals
22 P-73 & Gala Nos. 13, 14 & 15 M/s. HNL Instruments & Controls Pvt. Ltd. Pressure switches, temperatures switches, differential pressure switches & pressure transmitters
23 P-92 M/s. Indian Plastics Reprocessing of plastic granules
24 D2-5 M/s. Kay Kay Crown Corks Pvt. Ltd. Crown corks, tin containers pilfer proof, caps offset, metal decorating & printing, etc.
25 P-1 & 2 M/s. Koteshwar Engg. Works Grills, fab. Works etc.
26 P-91 & 91-A M/s. Kumbhar Clay items
27 D3-1 M/s. Metal Craft Industries Air inflators
28 D3-3 M/s. Micron Industries Fabrication of aluminum prod. Fitting doors, windows
29 P-62 & 63 M/s. Microwave Station (D. I.) Services
30 D3-11& 12 M/s. Modern Dry Cleaners Laundry unit
31 P-75 M/s. Nitu Plast Plastic granules
32 P-70 M/s. P. K. Enterprises Readymade garments
33 D3-7 M/S Trimurti Fabrication Fabrication
34 D3- 4 M/s. Jayashree Industries Grills, Gates Fabrication
35 D3-16 M/s. Pop’s Snack Services Sandwiches, burgers, rolls, patties, etc.
36 P-71, 72, 71A M/s. Pyro Electric Instruments Goa Pvt. Ltd. Electric inst. Temperature gauges etc.
37 P-3 & 4 M/s. Rajendra Iron & Steel Sheet metal parts
38 Gala-4 M/s. Ram Plastics Industries Bags & tubes unit
39 D4-2 M/s. Roadstar Tyre Work Tire retreading works
40 Gala-18 & P79 (Part) M/s. S. B. Fabricators Steel fabrication & machinery job mfg. Unit
41 D3-13,14 &Godown No 12 M/s. Super Soaps (INDIA) Pvt. Ltd. Toilet soaps
42 P-31- B M/s. Sai Prasad Oil Inds. Oil products
43 P-120 M/s. Sai Tiles  Mosaic tiles
44 P-119 M/s. Sai Traders Cutting & polishing of tiles and natural stones
45 Gala -1 & 2 M/s. Samrudhi Packers Wooden boxes, pallets & Crates
46 P-101-104 M/s. Shaiv Distilleries IMFL – Brandy, Gin, Whisky & Wine
47 Gala-6 M/s. Shantadurga Engg. Works Steel fabrication, grills, etc.
48 P-97, 98 M/s. Shree Damodar Coach Craft Pvt. Ltd. Automobile body bldg., repairing servicing and printing of vehicles
49 Gala -3 M/s. Shree Ganesh Engg. Works Electrical panels, clamps, etc.
50 P-76 M/s. Shree Gurukrupa Autoworld Preventive maintenance, automobile repairs servicing, etc.
51 D4-3 M/s. Shree Tools Die making, pressing, plastic moldings
52 D2-1 M/s. Shri Mahalasa Agro Products Canning of Fruits & Vegetables
53 Gala-16,17 M/s. Shrinivas Electricals Electrical repairing, transformer repairing, etc.
54 P-128 M/S Auto Window India Pvt. Ltd. Automatic Automible Windows
55 P-94 M/s. South India Timber Agencies Wooden boxes
56 P-122  to 127 M/s. Srithik Rolling Pvt.Ltd., M.S.bars tore steel
57 Gala-10 M/s  M.K. Engineering Works S.S.Components Fabrication
58 D2-2 M/s Excel Glazing System Pvt Ltd Aluminum structural glazing doors
59 D3-20 M/s Technical Precision Steel fabrication
60 P-31-A M/s. Sunder’s Internationals White & Black and color paper, films, cameras & video equipment, and digital products
61 Godown-6 M/S Sushant Associates Fabrication
62 P-74 M/s. Surekha Plastic Moulds Plastic molded articles
63 P-109-111,108,116, 119-A, Godown 8 & 9 M/s. Venus Ethoxythers Pvt. Ltd. Leather textile chemicals
64 D4-4 & 5 M/s. Venus India Plastics Plastics bottles and cans
65 P-117 M/s. Vividh Plastics Plastic bags
66 Gala-7 & Godown 1,2,&3 M/s. Yash Enterprises Temperature Gauges, pressure gauges parts
67 P-115 M/s. Sumo Industries Pharmaceutical Intermediaries
68 P-48 M/s Koteshwar Mosaic Tiles Mosaic tiles cutting and polishing
69 P-16,17,18 M/s. Srinivas Engg. & Mechanical Works steel furniture, job works, repair, servicing, automobile, etc.
70 Godown-11 M/s Sai Aluminium Aluminum fabrication
71 D2-12 M/s  E.P. Venture M.S. & aluminium fabrication
72 P-96 M/s Bharat Industries M. S. fabrication
73 D4-6 M/s.Pioneer Plastics Plastics Items
74 D2-8 M/s. Southern Filters Oil & air filters
75 P-99-100 M/sSwangai Distilleries IMFL, Brandy, Gin, Whisky, Wine
76 P-119B M/s Shaheena Plastics Plastics granules
77 P-12,13,1`4,1`5 M/s Pro-Art Fabrication & Engineers Grills, gates, garbage bins


1 D3-2 M/s. Goan Food Products Dry coconut & dry coconut powder
2 P-9,10,11-A M/s Indo Plast Plastics granules
3 D3-21 And Gala 12 M/s Sainath Industrial Corporation Steel & plastic fabrication
4 P-49 M/s Blue Cube Pack and Print Pvt Ltd Paper & board cartons, catch covers, educational books, offset & digital
5 D2-9, D2-17 To D2-21 M/S Alphagam Coating Solution p.l Powder Coating
6 D2-11 M/s. Belloi Distillery Beer, wine, etc.
7 D2-22, 23 P-80To 85 Rp-3&4 M/s. Dupont Sportswear Ltd. Readymade garments
8 Gala – 11 M/s. Goa Temperature Gauges Dial thermometer, pressure gauges, etc.
9 P-114 M/s. Gold Star Plastic Plastic granules
10 D2-14 M/s. M. A. Furnitures Wooden furniture
11 Gala-5 M/s. Ruituraj Electronics Electronics light indicators, timers, etc.
12  D2-6  M/S Shrinath Carbon Industries Carbon Brushes & Accessories
13 D3- 19 M/S R. K. Batteries. Battery Plates.
14 P-118 M/s. Surya Oil Industries Groundnut Oil
15 P- 58-61, 66 & 67 M/s. Vishal Concrete Industries RCC spun pipes, poles, septic tanks
16 Godown No. 7 M/S Balaji Agency Transport Services
17 Godown No. 10 IDC Store