1 D3-1 & Godown 4 M/s. Sai Shant Die Casting Industry Top, bottom cover, middle ring for ceiling fan
2 D3-10 M/s. Arcade Engineering Grills and gates, household steels
3 D3-12 & Godown 7 M/s. Joseph Automobiles Exhaust mufflers
4 D3-13, D5-2B, P-29, P-30 M/s. Swastik Chemicals Acid slurry/ chemicals
5 D3-14, P-118 B M/s. Tuflite Industries Reinforced plastic shutters, frames, general molding in F. R. P.
6 D3-15 M/s. Global Chemicals Phenyl Liquid Soap
7 D3-16 M/s. Adhar Precision Industry Electrical Stampings
8 D3-17 Krishna Industries Assembling of Ceiling Fans
9 D3-18 M/s. Chaphekar Industries Sheet metal component
10 D3-2 M/s. Multy Electro Mechanical Works Repairing & servicing of the elect. Accessories
11 D3-3 M/s. Ceajay Rubber Works Tread rubber/tire rubber
12 D3-4 & 5, P-2 to 9, P-100 to 105 M/s. Indi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceuticals formulation
13 D3-6, D3-7 Rututek Enterprises Hydrated Aluminous
14 D3-8, P-118D M/s. Aerocoach Bus Body Building
15 D3-9 M/s. H. L. Wire  Pvt. Ltd. Nonferrous metal copper wire & Strips
16 D4-1 M/s. Creative Pack Blow Moulded plastic container
17 D4-2 M/s. Ashish Industries Steel furniture
18 D4-3 M/s. Sai Engineering Corporation Pneumatic Valves
19 D4-4, D5-1A M/s. Parab Engineering Industries Fan cover and blades
20 D4-5 & Godown 10 M/s. Siddhart Engineering Repairs of Fans and Powder coating
21 D5-1B M/s.Vinayak Engineering Co. Sheet metal
22 D5-2A M/s. Parab & Sons Machining job
23 D5-4 Radha Engineering Works Fabrication Steel Furniture
24 D5-5A M/s. Prathmesh Engineering machining Spare parts
25 D5-5B M/s. Diamond Printers Printing, packaging, etc.
26 Gala –6 M/s. R. K. Engineers Electrical Fan components
27 Gala-1 M/s. Uma Enterprises Shaklee Clips for Fan Components
28 Gala-2 M/s. Hiru Gurudas Phadte Lathe & Milling works
29 Gala-3 M/s. Shree Mahalaxmi Steel Art Sheet metal & press components
30 Gala-4 M/s. Jeevadhani Engineering Works Dies, molds
31 Gala-5 M/s. Tirupati Engg. Works Sheet metal components, assembly of ceiling fan
32 Gala-7 M/s. Vijay Engineering Works Machinery spares parts
33 Gala-8 & Balance Area M/s. Goa Shine Laundry Power laundry
34 P- Nil - 500m2 General Manager, Department of Telecom Telephone exchange
35 P-1 M/s. Goa Electrical & Fans Ltd. Assembling of ceiling fans
36 P-108 & Godown 12 M/s. Sidhivinayak Egg. Works Fan components
37 P-109 M/s. Mohan A. Amshekar Mathematical Instruments
38 P-111 Zannajel Consultants Solvent Products
39 P-112 & 113, P-114 M/s. Motiff Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Pharmaceuticals formulations cosmetics
40 P-115 M/s. Rainbow Coats Ornamental steel grills, powder-coated machine, turned parts, powder coating job work
41 P-116 & Part Area M/s. Essel Tradelinks Corrugated Boxes
42 P-118A Konkan Minerals Pvt Ltd Calcium Carbide, Silicon Carbide
43 P-120 Chief Electrical Engineer, Electricity Dept. Sub-Station
44 P-121 M/s. Glow Paints Pvt. Ltd. Paints
45 P-122 M/s. Om Engineering Works Sheet Metal Components
46 P-123 & 124 M/s. Raksha Industries Cashew nutshell liquid
47 P-24, 25 & Godown 3, P-118-C M/s. GoaWare Filaments Fishing twins
48 P-26 M/s. Aerotech Aluminum & steel windows/powder coating
49 P-27 M/s. Shree Polymer Products ‘O’ rings oil seals, etc.
50 P-28 & G-1, 2 M/s. ACE Packers Corrugated boxes
51 P-31 M/s. Laxmi Powder Coating Powder Coating
52 P-32 M/s. UNITEK Structural fabrication
53 P-51, Godown 11 M/s. Yashoda Industries Furniture, glass designing & press jobs
54 P-52 M/s. Electroshine Electroplating
55 P-53 to 55, P-64 M/s. Mahalsa Pharma Dried allum hydroxide gel
56 P-56 Mangesh Plastics Plastics film, tubes, etc
57 P-57 M/s. Sanman Café paper tubes
58 P-58 M/s. Vassanji Industries Steel furniture
59 P-60, 61 & part , P-62 M/s. Navketan Roller Floor Mills Pvt. Ltd. Sooji, atta, maida
60 P-63 M/s. Shri Mahalaxmi Steel Sheet metal components dies & molds
61 P-65 M/s. Prafull Industries Steel Furniture
62 P-67 M/s. Vishwas Filaments Fishing twins and Ropes
63 P-68 M/s. Schematics Aluminum & steel furniture
64 P-69 M/s. Raiyani Furniture Steel furniture
65 P-70 M/s. Raiyani Steels Steel furniture
66 P-71 M/s. Ajanta Medical Pvt. Ltd. Adusol ayurvedic cought syrup liquid pain balm
67 P-72 M/s. Omncar Offset Packaging Printed cartoon & labels
68 P-73 M/s. Papa Ram Undertaking Readymades Garments
69 P-74, 75 M/s. Roz Bal Industries. Corrugated boxes, Steel furniture
70 P-76 M/s. Dhanalaxmi Tiles Mosaic tiles
71 P-77 M/s. Dhanalaxmi Marbles Polishing/cutting marbles
72 P-79,80, 81 & 82 M/s. Vilman Packaging Pvt. Ltd. HDPE/P.P. Woven sacks
73 P-83 M/s. V. G. Querim HDPE bags, Laminations
74 P-84 & 85 M/s. Chamunda Enterprises Machining Drilling
75 P-86 M/s. Shri Anant Industries Fan Components
76 P-87 M/s. Archana Industries Mathematical instruments
77 P-92 M/s. AVP Cement Products Precast cement products
78 P-93 M/s. Damodar Ice Factory Ice
79 P-94 M/s. Unnativahan Ancillaries Pvt. Ltd. Compressor, brackets, etc.
80 P-98, 99,  106 & 107 M/s. Konkan Foods Bread & other backery products
81 Shop No 2 Racida Sultanali Wadhawania General Stores


1 P-118E Dimensions Gen Engineering



1 D3-11 M/s. Kamka Plastic Plastic items
2 D5-3A & B M/s. Technostat Components Wire wound starters/resisters
3 P-33 M/s. Blow  Can Industries HDPE bottles cans
4 P-52-A M/s Waman Industries Glass vials
5 P-66 M/s Lifestyle Cosmetics Shaving cream
6 P-78 & 119 M/s Saha Electronics AC capacitors
7 P-95 to 97 M/s. Southern Rubber Works Tread rubber
8 P-98,99,106,107 M/s Konkan Foods Bakery products
9 Shop No 1 Gurudas P Naik General Stores
10 Shop No 3 Donaldson And Edrich General Stores